Assembly polls: BJP, Cong toiling hard to cut triangular contests from ‘rebels’

MP goes to polls on Nov 17; both parties are racing against time to contain rebellion

Logos of Congress and BJP Logos of Congress (left) and BJP (right)

As the two Hindi heartland states--Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan--go to polls, there are chances of several triangular contests. It’s not a new party that is posing the challenge, but the rebels from these two parties, who may contest as independents after being denied tickets. 

Both the BJP and the Congress have been facing protests since the candidates lists were announced. Both opponents took jibes on each other over the escalating protests. Since the protests broke out, the Congress has replaced seven candidates in Madhya Pradesh; the last day for filing nomination papers is October 30. 

The BJP too has been facing protests and rebellion over the ticket distribution. The party is engaging with the rebels, asking them not to contest. “Our is the world’s largest party. Everyone has aspirations. We are talking to all. The issue will be resolved,” V.D. Sharma, party president had said. 

As Madhya Pradesh goes to polls on November 17, both parties are racing against time to contain rebellion. The parties are known to use all means, be it counselling or coercing to make the rebels fall in line. 

The rebels spoil the chances in case of a close fight and often dent the parties they have left as they are assured of votes from the same ideological family. The BJP had suffered due to rebels in past polls like those in Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka.

The challenge emerges for the party when the new entrants are given tickets over the cadre who had been toiling for years. Similar rebel trouble exists for the parties in Rajasthan where elections are scheduled to be held on November 25. The BJP is said to be facing resentment over ticket allocation in over two dozen seats. As the BJP hopes to win the election owing to the convention of revolving doors in each election, the ticket aspirants are much higher. Also, the satraps are trying to push their candidates as the party has not declared any CM face; which means, CM hopefuls will try to get in as many tickets for their loyalists. Both parties have deputed leaders to deal with the rebels asking them for a compromise, to fall in line or face action. 

The situation will be clear to all the parties after the last date of withdrawal of names. The rebellion also comes as a boon for the smaller parties as they get established leaders to contest. 

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