Gujarat CM expresses concern over death of youngsters during Navratri

"It is sad that young people are dying," Patel said

Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel | PTI Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel | PTI

Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel on Tuesday expressed his grief and concern over the death of youngsters during Navratri festival in the state.

He was unveiling Dr Ravi Rao's book Vaastu Shastra For Everyone at a programme in Ahmedabad. Central Information Commissioner Uday Mahurkar was the chief guest.

Patel said people's health cycle has now changed and, unlike in the past when health check-ups were recommended in 50 plus age, now these are recommended in 40 plus age.

"It is sad that young people are dying," Patel said, adding that who knows it can be because of pesticides used in agriculture—an apparent reference to the quality of food that is consumed.

Making a mention of the initiatives taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Patel said he (the (PM) has been asking people to go back to the basics and adopt natural farming techniques. It will also prevent soil degradation and improve our health, he remarked.

Six persons, including a woman and a Class 12 student, have died of heart attack in Gujarat over the last one week while performing 'garba' dance as part of the Navratri celebrations. Apart from these six deaths, 22 others also died of heart attack in the state during this period.

On Sunday, Uttar Pradesh Governor and former Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel had expressed concern over the death of youngsters and urged authorities to analyze the reasons.

In his address, Mahurkar said the current phase is that of national reawakening. This, he said, should have happened after independence.

The CIC remarked that the national reawakening did not happen due to the death of Mahatma Gandhi and certain people, who believed less in Hindu philosophy, coming to power. The Hindu philosophy was looked down upon and we did not exploit the power that we had, Mahurkar remarked. 

He also spoke about how the present government at the Centre revoked Article 370 and handled the Ram Temple issue.

About Dr Rao’s book, he said thebook has opened the doors for the poor and it is a new milestone in the field of Vastushastra.

Dr Rao, an astro-vastu consultant,  has over two-and-a-half decades of experience and has clients in India and abroad and, across religions.

His book takes readers on a journey through the history, philosophy, and relevance of Vaastu in today’s world, making it easy for everyone to understand. It helps readers discover the significance of energy flow within their living spaces and learn how Vaastu principles can channel positive energy to improve health, prosperity, and relationships. 

Readers can also find practical tips for applying Vaastu principles in their homes. It is also a guide on harmonizing the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space in their surroundings.

In his speech, Dr Rao dwelled upon the need to institutionalize Vaastushastra. He said India was and still is a "Vishwaguru", adding that the way the country provided vaccines to other nations during  COVID-19 pandemic is an example.

Gujarat, he said, is a leader in pharma and engineering sector and it will be apt that Vastushatra also got an impetus from this state.

Talking about human well-being, Dr Rao said: "If you take a pledge that you want to bring in a change, it will happen.”

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