'The Kerala Story' a wake-up call, claims Smriti Irani; says those against it support terror outfits

Insists that the film is neither 'infotainment' nor 'entertainment'


Union minister Smriti Irani, who watched the controversial Bollywood movie The Kerala Story on Tuesday, claimed that every political party that opposes the movie stands with terrorist organisations. "That is my belief as a parent," she said.

"The film depicts the entrapment and forceful conversion of young women so that they can be trapped by terrorist organisations. Those political organisations that disallow citizens of our country are standing in support of such terror methods," she said.

The Union minister called the film a "wake-up call" and added that "it is not infotainment, it is not entertainment."

Before watching the film at a cinema hall in Chanakyapuri, the Union minister had said, "I will watch the film and tell you as to what is there in the film that Mamata Banerjee did not like." West Bengal CM Banerjee had, on Monday, banned the screening of the movie in the state.

The film which has been mired in controversy even before its release has been directed by Sudipto Sen and has been boycotted in several districts of Kerala, and across Tamil Nadu by theatre owners.

The central claim of the film that 32,000 women from Kerala joined ISIS remains unsubstantiated. The producers of the film even removed the claim from all its social media posts after it was asked to do so by Kerala High Court. The film was released on May 5.

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