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Swami Prasad Maurya demands security after Raju Das confrontation

Das has made provocative statements over Maurya's Ramcharitmanas remarks

swami prasad maurya Swami Prasad Maurya | Via Facebook

Swami Prasad Maurya has levelled allegations against Mahanat Raju Das claiming that an attempt was made to attack him with battle axes and swords when he was leaving a television debate organised by a private channel.

The complaint, filed in the name of the Police Commissioner of Lucknow Commissionerate on Wednesday evening blames Mahant Raju Das (Hanumangarhi) and Mahant Paramhans Das (Tapasi Chavani Mandir) of Ayodhya and their supporters for the attack.

A few days ago, Raju Das had offered a reward of Rs 21 lakh for anyone who would behead Maurya for his derogatory comments against the Ramcharitmanas. In light of that, inviting and seating Das and his supporters before him was a ‘conspiracy’ alleged Maurya in his letter.

Of late Das, who has a penchant for staying in the news, has made numerous provocative statements. Some believe it is because he wants to fight the municipal elections in Ayodhya. Maurya has been baiting Brahmins and believers of Ramcharitmanas in a bid to up his political image- even though his own party, the Samajwadi Party, has distanced itself from his remarks.

Maurya has smelled a conspiracy in the entire television programme- wondering how weapons could make their way through the security of a five star hotel. He has also wondered why the television anchor asked him if his trip to the hotel was fine.

The anchor was also in his firing line for putting up a photo of herself with Das and claiming that Maurya had refused to attend the debate if Das was around. “…oppose the BJP oppose Yogi, oppose the RSS but this does not mean oppose the Ramcharitmanas…” wrote the anchor as per Maurya.

Das had his fair share of supporters on social media with one user tweeting, ‘Those who oppose the Ramcharitmanas deserve such prasad’.

A nine second video clip of the attack has also emerged wherein a man in white (it is unclear who he is) is seen approaching and attacking Das from behind. No weapons of any kind are visible.

Das tweeted, “Swami Prasad Maurya first attacked our beliefs, now his supporters are attacking our saints”.

Maurya has meanwhile demanded that adequate security be provided to him.

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