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CID traces stolen Chola-era Parvati idol to New York auction

The burglary was originally committed on May 12 1971


The Idol Wing of CID, tracing back a burglary that occurred 51 years ago, traced a Parvati idol which was listed for auction by Bonham's auction house, in New York. The authorities have traced five idols belonging to the Chola period; they were stolen from Nadanapureshwarar Sivan temple near Kumbakonam in 1971.

The burglary was originally committed on May 12 1971. A complaint was filed the next day at the Nachiyarkoil police station. An FIR for the five antique idols was registered only in 2019. The value of the idol is pegged at over 1.6 crores. When the investigating officer stumbled upon the image of the Parvati idol at Bonhams, they found there was a striking resemblance to the missing idol. Efforts are being made to bring the idol back to India by proving ownership of the temple with help of documents. The officers are also trying to trace the other four idols that were stolen from the temple.

The investigating officer sought the advice of an expert who served as Deputy Superintending Archaeologist in the State, who said that the photograph of the idol at the French Institute of Pondicherry and the idol of Parvati on sale at Bonhams auction place are the same, which means the Parvati idol at Bonhams belongs to Nadanapureshwarar Sivan temple near Kumbakonam


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