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NRITTA 2022 - A Journey of Movements


“To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth, and it is yours for the taking.” — Agnes de Mille. NRITTA is an annual mega dance performance of CHRIST (Deemed to be University) DELHI NCR campus that aims to flaunt the extensive talent of the students. It is an annual highlight of the university and a much-awaited event amongst all students. NRITTA 2022 was the second edition of NRITTA since the inception of the university campus. It is an amalgamation of dance, music and theatrical sequences. It is a fruit of the collective hard work of both the students and faculty members. NRITTA at Connaught Place was organised for the access of the public and many students from other colleges and universities. The amphitheatre was filled with the loud cheers and applause of the pleased audience. Those who participated in the event were equally thrilled and moved by the exceptionally skilled performance of their peers.

In collaboration with THE WEEK, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Delhi NCR Campus held their mega dance performance at Central Park Amphitheatre, Connaught place, on Sunday, 10 April 2022. It was the first time that university students had performed at the mentioned venue. It was a show many will remember for days to come. NRITTA 2022 was an amalgamation of audio, visual and live performances, successfully teleporting the audience to the age of King and Queen war and peace, an accurate depiction of their current year’s theme, “Shatranj - A Saga of Love ''. The age-old tale of King and Queen and Love and War was portrayed beautifully, so much so that the audience was transported to the era itself. It was a story that encompassed love, hope, greed, pride and ultimate victory. The event was an open entry affair with Mr Saurabh Bharadwaj as the Chief Guest (MLA of Greater Kailash and Vice Chairman of Delhi Jal Board) and a few notable guests such as Mr Shubhu Rahman IAAS, Principal Director, Railway Board, Mr Pankaj Wadhwa, Vigilance Department NDMC, Mr K. Reghunath, President Delhi Malayali Association, Mr. Jojo Mathew, Director ALS Academy, Mr. Babu Panicker, Chairman Panicker's Travells, Mr. Manuvel Mezhukanal, Chairman Manuvel Malabar Jewellers and N Ashokan, Mathrubhumi Newspaper.

NRITTA is not only performance it is also a captivating audio and visual experience. All the dance sequence was punctiliously choreographed under the direction of the University dance coordinator Mr. Nanda Kumar assisted by his team of fellow assistant choreographers. The facilitation and overall conduction of the event were expertly handled under the guidance of the Student Welfare Organiazation Head of the university Ms Jasmine Francis and her efficient group of team members. Starting from the entrance gate of the event to wrapping up the entire event, all the students showed their teamwork skills and the dedication and love they have for their university. And how they work as a team, not as just mere individuals. Teamwork, coordination and punctuality were the essential elements that ensured the smooth running of the event from the beginning to the end

CHRIST (DEEMED TO BE UNIVERSITY) is a nurturing ground for budding minds by creating an atmosphere for academic and creative excellence. We provide students with world-class facilities and a comprehensive curriculum. The multi-disciplinary University, which focuses on teaching research and service, offers bachelor to Doctoral programmes in humanities, social sciences, science, commerce, management, engineering, education, and law to over 21000 students. The campus is a living example of harmonious multiculturalism with students from all the states of India and around 60 different countries. CHRIST (Deemed to be University) publishes six peer-reviewed research journals and has published more than 300 books in Kannada and English. A promoter of sports, music and literary activities, it is a nurturing ground for creative excellence. CHRIST (Deemed to be University), a premier educational institution, is an academic fraternity of individuals dedicated to the motto of 'EXCELLENCE AND SERVICE.' Delhi NCR campus's policy of ‘live, learn, work and play’ functions in tandem with Christ University’s philosophy of a student’s holistic development. Delhi NCR campus's vision of ‘Lifelong Learning’ and ‘Centre of Excellence and Education functions in collaboration with Christ University’s vision of ‘Excellence and Service’. Christ University’s passion for peace, cleanliness and greenery is vividly evident in the serene and peaceful atmosphere. Delhi NCR campus offers a very conducive atmosphere for learning, and it instantly reminds one of the Gurukul systems, even though the modern education system has evolved with time. Christ (Deemed to be University) Delhi NCR campus promotes a culture that embodies the philosophy of ‘excellence and service’. Students are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, quality faculty and a platform where students can spread their wings and discover their true potential.

The CHRIST culture and values were reflected not only in the students who performed on stage but also in the students who were backstage and near the gates managing the overall necessary processes along with the faculty heads. CHRIST nurtures individuals not only in academic excellence but also focuses on the overall holistic development of each student. Every spectator as an audience will remember NRITTA for the magnificent dance performances and well coordinated and managed event. NRITTA has always been an on campus affair for both the management and students; it has been accessible only for the university students and a few notable guests. NRITTA 2022, on the other hand, focused more on showcasing the talent of the students and the showmanship of each participant. The outfits and music were carefully chosen by the organizers to represent India's colourful and diverse culture. The storyline of the event was not focused on the ancient belief on greed and conqueror’s want, instead, it focused more on the loyalty of the militants and the courageous Queen brave enough to be on the battlefield to support her King. This story of King and Queen was unlike any other, it included the chemistry between the couple, the vigor of the militants and the joy of the common folk. The overall event also included a special dance performance by the members of two student clusters the Student Welfare Organisation and the Centre for Social Action. The students interacted with the spectators as they performed across the auditorium, making NRITTA an engaging event. The performance was not limited to just the stage. The area in and around the stage was covered, making NRITTA an event different from any other. The show began with a regal entrance of the King and was followed by dance sequences of different dance forms. The theme was portrayal of medivial India, a time where the culture of Kingdoms and war was still prevalant.

A magnificent dance performance, an enthralled audience and a group of talented students; all conclude to NRITTA 2022 as an absolute visual delight fueled by teamwork. A successful event is one that leaves the audience flabbergasted at the end, NRITTA was indeed one of them. Everyone who witnessed the event could not help but applaud the students and management for how well they conducted such a cultural extravaganza. The event catered for an audience of all age groups, everyone was warmly welcomed to attend the stunning performance.


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