Ram Mandir will take over 36 months to build: Temple trust

No iron will be used as only concrete, stones can withstand vagaries of the weather

A devotee takes selfie with the pillars that Hindu activists say will be used to build the Ram temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya | Reuters (File) A devotee takes selfie with the pillars that will be used to build the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya | Reuters

The Ram Temple in Ayodhya will take over 36 months to come up, as an elaborate construction plan is being undertaken so that the building can last over 1,000 years. For construction, no iron will be used as only concrete and stones can withstand vagaries of the weather for such a long period said Champat Rai, general secretary, Ram Temple Trust.

Rai said the trust was even planning to set up a system where people can come view the construction being undertaken. The VHP leader said they are planning to involve the people, too. “Only copper can last for over 1,000 years, as long as stones. Where pillars will join each other, we intend to use 18-inch copper strips so that the joints can withstand earthquakes. Over 10,000 such strips will be needed. People can contribute with names of their towns, cities embossed on it. Similarly, copper rods are needed to join stones on a pillar. Such 9,000 rods are needed which people can contribute,” Rai said, addressing a press conference.

Explaining the elaborate plan for construction, Rai said the company Larson and Toubro has taken soil sample from 60m deep to check the stability of the layer for seismic shocks. IIT Chennai is studying the soil samples.

The foundation will stand on 1,200 pillars of one metre diameter filled with concrete up to 30m below the ground level. No iron will be used. On these pillars, the concrete platform will be built at ground level.

Rai said that concrete pillars need to go down deep so that earthquake cannot damage the building. “The soil level at 60 metres below the surface can settle in 500 years. But if that is within one centimetre, then there is no threat to the building. Care is taken for that.”

The Ram Temple Trust's priority was to build the temple as other facilities in the 60-acre land can wait. The temple will come up in 2.77 acres. “All care is being taken to build the grand temple. But it cannot come up before 36 months. It will take up to 40 months. Even the prime minister said three years,” Rai said.

The government expects the temple to receive over two crore visitors in a year. This was the estimate before the pandemic. “The number could go up after the temple is built, for which the government is creating facilities for railway station, bus stand, and even airport. Already 400 acres have been acquired,” the trust general secretary said.

A museum, too, will be constructed for the artefacts and the idols discovered during excavation and debris clearing.

Rai laid to rest controversies surrounding the August 5 'bhoomi pujan' ceremony attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “People asked why L.K. Advani, M.M. Joshi and Kalyan Singh were not invited. How can anyone have better relations than us? They have worked for the temple. It was due to their age and health that they were advised against coming.”

“184 sants representing 36 spitirual traditions attended the function. They came from all states in the country and even represented tribals. Questions were asked why no dalit sant was invited. Once a dalit has turned a sant, he is no longer known by his caste,” Rai said. 

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