Swarms of locusts attack Gurugram; Delhi on alert

Locust attack has ravaged parts of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab for over a month

locust_swarm Representative image | Shutterstock

A swarm of locusts has hit Gurugram on Saturday. The attack comes a day after the administration's warning to Gurugram residents of the same. According to various reports, the locusts are likely to enter Delhi by Saturday evening or Sunday morning. 

Apparently, the Gurugram administration is sounding sirens and blowing horns to make noises so that the locusts don’t settle on green vegetation and destroy them. On Friday, Gurugram administration reportedly warned its residents about the attack, urging them to keep their windows shut as a precautionary measure. The administration also asked them to make clanging noise by beating utensils to repel the crop-eating insects.

Various parts of Gurgaon, including the plush residential complexes were covered by swarms of locusts. Social media is flooded with photos and videos by Gurugram residents tweeting about the locust attack.

On Friday, the administration had asked the residents to clang utensils to ward off the locust attack. The locust attack has ravaged parts of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab and few other states for over a month.