Fight against coronavirus would be long, don’t get tired: Modi tells BJP workers

Modi was addressing BJP members on the 40th Foundation Day of the party

modi speech PM Narendra Modi speaking on the 40th Foundation Day of the BJP | BJP Twitter handle

Speaking to BJP members on the occasion of the 40th Foundation Day of the party on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that "country today has only goal and resolve: To win the war against the coronavirus".

Modi was quoted by news agency ANI as saying, "This foundation day of BJP has come at a time when not only the country but also the world is going through a difficult time. Humanity is facing a crisis, our devotion to service of the country creates our path during this challenging time.”

Modi warned that the campaign against coronavirus would be a long one. "But we do not have to get tired or take a rest in this war. We have to emerge victorious," Modi said.

Given the lockdown restrictions, Modi spoke via video link. Modi lauded the "obedience" and "sense of service" of people in cooperating with the national lockdown. Modi was quoted by ANI as saying, "The maturity shown by the people during lockdown, in a large country like India, is unprecedented. No one could have imagined that the people will abide by this with such obedience and sense of service."

Modi emphasised, "India's efforts have set an example before the world in tackling the coronavirus pandemic. India is one of the countries that understood seriousness of this disease and waged a timely war against it. India took several decisions and tried its best to implement them on ground."

Modi stressed "India has worked rapidly with a holistic approach that is being appreciated by not only Indians but also WHO. All countries should come together and fight this, so India had active participation in the meeting of the SAARC countries and the G20 meeting."

Modi also referred to the act by millions of people in lighting lamps and torches on Sunday night in response to a call by him last week. "We experienced yesterday at 9 pm, the strength of togetherness of 130 crore people of our country. People from every section of society and age group demonstrated this unity and strengthened the resolve in fight against COVID-19," Modi said.

Modi also called on Indians to promote installation the Aarogya Setu app to get information about the coronavirus.

"Govt has developed an Aarogya Setu app. I request all of you to tell people about it; everyone should make sure that at least 40 others install it. They will get info through it about possibly infected cases around them," Modi said.

Modi also asked people to keep their faces covered, even at home. "Always remember, whenever you go out, your face should be covered, I say you should keep your face covered even at your homes. The mantra today for the whole world is social distancing and discipline," Modi said.