WATCH: Villagers hold massive cow dung battle for health and prosperity

Kairuppala village in AP marked the annual Ugadi festival with flying cow dung

Ugadi-festival-flying-cow-dung-battle-Kairuppala-andhra-pradesh-shut Representational image | File

The village of Kairuppala in Andhra Pradesh rained down with a storm of flying cow dung on Sunday, as devotees marked the annual Ugadi festival with the 'Pidakala War'.

Every year, the people of Kairuppala and neighbouring villages take part in the symbolic war that occurs over a Hindu mythological marriage dispute.

One side throw throw pidakala or cow-dung cakes in the name of the Goddess Bhadrakali while the other do so in the name of Lord Veerabhadraswamy, until one side wins and they all celebrate the wedding of the two.

VIDEO: 'Flying' cow dung for health and prosperity in Andhra village

Every year there are countless injuries from the ritual, but devotees believe that the practice brings health, prosperity and rains to the villages.

Video courtesy: Ruptly TV