Techie-turned-lawyer is 1st to be convicted in cyber crime case in Karnataka

hacker-cyber-crime The techie left his job to become a lawyer so that he can argue his own case

The first conviction in a cyber crime case has made history in Karnataka. A 38-year-old techie was found guilty for creating and disseminating morphed nude pictures of a woman 10 years after the case was filed. The man was handed a jail term of two years and slapped with a fine of Rs 25,000.

Interestingly, the techie had quit his job and become a law graduate to argue his case in court. He successfully dragged the case for 10 years after citing loopholes after loopholes in the law that finally put him behind bars.

Shivaprasad Sajjan, who was working in a private firm in Bengaluru, was arrested in 2008 after a woman filed a complaint with the police stating that he had created her nude pictures and emailed them to multiple people, including her friends, with objectionable comments.

The case was transferred to the cyber crime wing of the CID, where a case was registered under the Information Technology Act, Section 67 (punishment for publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form).

Police found that Sajjan had sent the emails from a cyber cafe in Rajajinagar. Sajjan was arrested and sent to judicial custody but managed to obtain bail. Soon after he quit his job and enrolled for LLB to become a criminal lawyer. He started defending his case and used every loophole to drag the case. He was finally convicted under Section 67 of the IT Act.