Hyderabad sees spurt in Chicken Pox cases as mercury rises

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Infectious diseases tend to become more widespread in the summers because of the heat. The increase in the number of Chicken Pox victims substantiates this claim in Hyderabad which is witnessing rising temperature.

Speaking to ANI, Dr Shankar, a Superintendent in the Fever Hospital said "Chicken Pox is the most common disease in the summer season. This season is most likely for this disease because we sweat more. It first starts with symptoms of high fever and small rashes on the body."

He further advised people to get it diagnosed when they notice such symptoms in them.

"It affects mostly the kids, pregnant ladies and old-age people. It is a contagious disease which will affect many people if one person gets in a family. It is better to keep the affected away from everyone and give them rest and it may help it from spreading to everyone and even cure the patient quickly."

He further said that rate of Chicken Pox has gradually increased this year as in the month of April, there were 90 cases noted while in March, 60 such cases were reported.

"There is a separate ward for these patients as we don't want the infections to spread. Most people get Chicken Pox once in their life, which increases their immune system. We are even giving vaccines for this and even a booster dose to prevent chicken pox. It is always better to protect ourselves from getting infected," added Shankar.