ISIS says Hyderabad man died fighting in Kashmir, police deny claim

If true, then it would be the first militancy death from outside the state

India Kashmir Protest [File] Unrest in Kashmir | AP

The Islamic State and Ansar-ul-Gazwat-ul-Hind, which claims to be an Al Qaeda franchise in Kashmir, have made claims that the third militant, who was killed along with two local militants in Anantnag on March 11, was a resident of Hyderabad in Telangana.

The police have denied the claims of the two groups. The delay in ascertaining the identity of the militant has given currency to the claims by the two pan -Islamist groups about the origin of the militant. Ansar Gazwat-Hind, in its bulletin Al Nasir, said the third militant killed with Muhammad Eisa Fazili of Soura, Srinagar and Syed Owais of Anantnag, was Mohommad Taufeeq from Hyderabad.

Police have said it is verifying the claims by the two groups. If the claims made by the two pan-Islamist groups are true then it would be the first time that a militant from outside the state has died fighting in Kashmir.

The security agencies are worried that it could influence more Indian youth to turn to Kashmir for militancy and worsen the situation in the state and the country.

“Responding to the call of shariat or martyrdom, Mohommad Taufeeq started his Jihadi journey in 2017 after making hijrah (migration) from India’s Hyderabad city to the mountains of Kashmir and was among the first in the ranks of Ansar Gazwat-ul-Hind,” read the Al Nasir bulletin. The group also posted a photo of Taufeeq with Rehan Khan (deputy Ameer Ansar Gazwat-ul-Hind).

“Mohommad Taufeeq became the first Mujahid in recent history to make hijrah (migration) to Kashmir and began the work of preaching. His jihadi names were Sultan Zabul Al Hindi and Abu Zarrr Al Hindi,” Al Nasir said.

Earlier, on March 12, the Islamic State identified the three militants as Eisa Fazili alias Abu Yahya, Syed Owais Shafi alias Abu Barra al Kashmiri and Sultan al Hyderabadi alias Abu Zarr al Hindi.