Freedom for Kerala youth from 43-kg tumour after 4 years, thanks to surgeons of this govt hospital

Kottayam Medical College's doctors had to remove a lung of the 24-year-old as well

The Kerala man with 43-kg tumour - before and after the surgery | ManoramaOnline The Kerala man with 43-kg tumour - before and after the surgery | ManoramaOnline

Kottayam Government Medical College Hospital helped a Kerala youngster turn over a new leaf by surgically removing a 43-kilogram tumour from his body. 

In late March, a group of doctors at the state-run hospital successfully completed the surgery that took over 12 hours. The removed tumour consisted of 20 litres of fluid and over 23 kilograms of solid mass. The recovering patient was discharged from the hospital earlier this month.

The 24-year-old male patient, a commerce graduate, was working in the logistics sector in Chennai when he was diagnosed with the tumour four years ago. He was also asked to start chemotherapy sessions for a cancer in the area, reports said.

The growth that was first spotted in his chest region grew exponentially affecting the Kottayam native's day-to-day life. It became difficult for him to walk or even move his arm freely due to the tumour.

As the tumour was close to his chest and lungs, many medical institutions ruled that it was impossible to remove it surgically. 

Thus, the youth and his family reached Kottayam Medical College as a last resort. It was hospital superintendent Dr T.K. Jayakumar who decided to surgically remove the giant tumur. The operation to remove the tumour and a lung that was affected by it took place on March 25.

The Department of  Cardio Vascular and Thoracic Surgery was assisted by the Department of Plastic Surgery in the operation. Parts of the ribcage and chest that had to be removed as a part of the procedure were reconstructed through plastic surgery, a Kerala-based Reporter TV said in a report.

The youth, who is on the path of recovery, was discharged from the hospital on April 5.


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