OpenAI, WHOOP team up to launch a personalised health and fitness coach

Hint Health and OpenAI unveil AI solution for automated clinical documentation


OpenAI, the pioneering company behind ChatGPT, has joined forces with WHOOP, Hint Health, and Summer Health to revolutionise the health and fitness industry with the power of artificial intelligence. 

Recently, OpenAI collaborated with WHOOP to launch a personalised health and fitness coach powered by GPT-4. WHOOP Coach delivers solutions to a variety of fitness and medical questions. WHOOP Coach answers like, “What is my heart rate right now?” or “How much should I work out to lose this much of weight?”. WHOOP offers personalised guidance according to each individual’s body type. 

Apart from this, Hint Health, a digital health business that provides practice management software and other tools to Direct Primary Care (DPC) physicians, will unveil a new AI solution in conjunction with OpenAI at its annual summit in San Diego. Hint AI is the latest product that will enable DPC capture and transcribe patients’ consultations and automatically create clinical documentation in the patients' medical records.

OpenAI also collaborated with Summer Health, a 24/7 text-based paediatric care service, to use GPT-4 to aid clinicians. Summer Health added a clinical review process to make sure that the automatically generated notes are trustworthy and are planning to continue improving based on feedback.

GPT Vision has also found uses in radiography. Microsoft has published a study titled 'Exploring the Boundaries of GPT-4 in Radiology' that evaluates GPT-4's performance in text-based applications for radiology reports.

Experts are concerned that one or two corporations would gain too much power. Glenn Cohen, director of Harvard Law School’s Petrie-Flom Centre for Health Law Policy stated, “There is a concern that we’re entering a sort of Coke and Pepsi moment where there will be a few big players in the generative AI market and their systems will form the backbone of a lot of what is to come.”

Recently, OpenAI has been facing a period of leadership instability. This situation has triggered a call for the development of comprehensive guidelines on the use of generative AI in the healthcare industry.

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