Daz Sidhu and his fitness center- DSFN have been doing wonders for many millions who wish to get back to their desired shapes


Taking over the world of health and fitness with his innate training programs is Daz Sidhu.

The world of health and fitness over the past couple of years have found to have great momentum among people across the globe. With more and more awareness now among masses, everyone has felt the need to tarin at the gum and live a healthy living. The fast paced life and cut-throat competitive world has left no space for people to look back at their health and maintain good lifestyle. With many digital platforms and social media sector, health and fitness as a niche has seem to invoke lot of interest in people and have pushed them to train on regular basis. Also we can see many fitness influencer, health experts, and trained professionals sharing their deep insight and good practices on many different social media apps which helps them to connect to millions around the world. It has become a need and imperative to get trained under a good health and fitness coach which helps to rectify mistakes and correct good posture and position. We came across one such immensely talented health coach and fitness expert named Daz Sidhu who has been instrumental in delivering desired results for his clients and help them back to live healthier lives.

Born and brought up in Punjab, India, Daz Sidhu inclination towards physical training and fitness activities was something that didn’t start from a young age. Following the crowd, He migrated to New Zealand at the age of 18 years to pursue his higher education. After completing his business Diploma, Daz worked full-time neglecting his health a lot. With a motive of giving back to his community, Daz accomplished his dream of becoming a police officer. In the meantime, he joined a local gym and took great interest in physical training. After sustaining a knee injury, he had to postpone his police application, which pushed him to finally graduate in 2018. Training at the gym soon became a passion for Daz and he grind himself day and night at the gym to become a master health coach and fitness expert.

Daz soon embarked upon his business journey by starting a one of a kind integrated fitness center named DSFN. DSFN offers people a personalized workout program, a customized meal plan, diet consultation and tips, a shopping list, video demonstrations, home and gym-based workouts, an exclusive mobile app, weekly email support, private Facebook group, weekly Q&As, and also monthly giveaways. They also have a member only app where people get a shopping list and access to workout programs in the app. With the private Facebook group, Daz has built a community that supports and encourages others to achieve their goals by sharing their stories and improving one another. Through email support, Daz Sidhu answers people’s queries and questions about their programs.  

The changes that Daz and his center has brought about on people’s lives has been simply phenomenal. They continue to deliver on consistent basis and set higher benchmarks for many others to follow. If you need to get back to your desired figure, don’t miss out to follow his website @ Dazsidhu.com and follow him on Instagram @dazsidhu.