International Numerology Day – The Global Initiative by one of India’s top Numerologists, J C Chaudhry


Numerology is about 5,000-year-old science and art which emerged from our ancient civilization. More ubiquitous than the former, the ‘love for numbers’ were present in ancient Greek, Chaldea, China and India. Inspired by the global success of many International Days in different fields and because of the passion for numbers,  JC Chaudhry is pioneering an ‘International Day of Numerology’.  J C Chaudhry is facilitating standardisation in the discipline synthesising various streams of this ancient wisdom of our forefathers.

‘Number is the substance of all things’ opined the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. JC Chaudhry supplements the ancient axiom by adding – “God built the universe and human life too on numbers”. He believes in classical knowledge of ancient civilizations that numbers have impact on human life and it can add value to our enhanced knowledge system in this present millennium.

A man of a factual and practical mindset, whose interest is founded in science, he has authored many acclaimed books like - ABC of Vaastu Shastra, Fundamentals of Vaastu, You and Your Gems, Mudra- Healthy life at your fingertips, Success – Few Steps Away, Rungs of Ladder, Nature – The Best Cure, Chakras, Meditation & Subconscious Mind.

He believes his life’s mission is igniting the “Jnana” that emerged in the ancient world to the new world. JC Chaudhry believes that we need to bridge the best from the past and present for a brighter future. His vision is to dispel the misinformation and myths surrounding this discipline and bring forth a more empirical and ‘experiential knowledge’ validated by investigation in the domain of numerology.

A defining moment in his life was in the 1984 when he and his brother law ended up in a heated intense debate regarding heritage and cultural wisdom transmitted across millennia. The debate inspired him to delve deeper in to the sciences of the antiquity including Numerology, Vaastu Shastra and Gemstones. He plunged himself into the subjects and most importantly reconnected and reinterpreted the discoveries of the past in the language of the present. With this he was able to provide solution the troubles and struggles that modern human life is facing in business, family relationships, interpersonal relations and health.

A turning point happened when he discovered about his own date of birth. Applying the new found knowledge on himself, he realised that his date of birth and the ‘Karma’ of his life is not matching. Rigorously applying the discipline in his life, he came to a conclusion that his date of birth is different from what is being conventionally believed by his family. His family believed that he was born on August 1st 1949 and this also was in the documents where he was schooled. In those decades after independence, many birth records were not properly kept. JC Chaudhry through numerological calculations arrived at a date of November 18, 1950 as his birthdate

To find out the truth, he set out to his birthplace in district Faridabad. He consulted with the office of Chief Medical Officer of the relevant district and zone. After painstakingly sifting through a plethora of records in 1986, maintained in an archaic filing system the answer was found. In the medical records, it came to light that he was in fact born on 18th November 1950 but it was added wrongly on the school records. This anchored him to the science and art of numerology for life.

He applied the newly found insights amongst family members and friends. Once they started to have big and positive changes in their life and encouraged by the positive feedback, his circle of mentoring grew rapidly. Along with the educational arena in which he was focusing, JC Chaudhry also began to pursue his passion for numerology which he found transformational for every human being.

This November 18, he is bringing a new dimension for the branch of numerology by pioneering International Numerology Day. A new initiative of “Indian Institute of Numerology” is also underway. This is the integrate numerology with modern science and help the future generations of practitioners of the craft to create synthesis of ancient wisdom with modern science and technology.

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