Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd gets Global Recognition by World Economic Forum for our Commitment to care


On August 5th, Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd Asia’s largest private medical response service provider company was recognised by the World Economic Forum’s COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs as one of India’s Top 50 COVID-19 Last Mile Responders to the pandemic. All those with a commitment to marginalised communities, social entrepreneurship, and the crisis in India were invited to spread the word and to engage with the listed entrepreneurs and ecosystem initiatives. Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd was recognized alongside respected Social Enterprises such as Adhyayan Foundation, Conserve India, Global Healthcare, Indus Action, Transforming rural India Foundation, etc.

The World Economic Forum’s COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs and the Schwab Foundation has publish its Top 50 COVID-19 Last Mile Responders - a list of 50 leading social entrepreneurs and 12 social ecosystem initiatives. Each of these 62 leaders is delivering scaled responses to fight the COVID-19 crisis on-the-ground in India, where, triggered by the highly contagious Delta variant, the pandemic reached unprecedented and devastating levels earlier this year.

Often operating outside of mainstream response efforts and unable to rely on related funding streams, social entrepreneurs have had an outsize influence in the crisis, channelling much-needed resources and services to vulnerable communities, especially those in the difficult to reach ‘last mile’. The list was curated jointly with Catalyst 2030’s NASE and Aavishkaar Group. Each of the organisations on the list addresses at least one of four priority areas of on-the-ground need:

Prevention and Protection

COVID-19 Treatment and Relief, 

Inclusive Vaccine Access, and

Securing Livelihoods.

Ziqitza is grateful to have been recognised by the World Economic Forum’s COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs as one of India’s Top 50 COVID-19 Last Mile Responders to the pandemic. Jointly, we’re providing critical medical response service through the network of ambulances and tele helpline to support to over millions of people on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis in India. At a time when formal systems have been overwhelmed, social entrepreneurs have stepped up fill the gaps, especially in hard-to-reach poor or rural communities. Ziqitza Healthcare Limited believes in Saving & Enhancing lives and acts in accordance to this philosophy in a continuous manner with our commitment to care for the Society.

Ziqitza rightly fitting into the list, has been providing relentless and timely support to the people in need of support in medical emergency, Ziqitza Healthcare services alone has helped save more than 42.5 million lives till date, and has served over 250,000 critically-ill COVID-19 patients by transporting them from home to the hospital in time using their fleet of 3000 ambulances. We've over 10,000 workers providing their emergency medical services. Our panel of doctors managed over 20,000 calls a day on the telemedical helpline addressing queries on Covid-19 symptoms and treatments.

Commenting on this achievement, Mr. Amitabh Japiuria, MD & CEO, Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd said, “we thank The World Economic Forum’s COVID Response Alliance "for recognising us and our efforts in India. We feel honoured to have been chosen for our Commitment to care. Our long-term focus is on delivering international quality standards in Emergency Medical Services, and on ensuring that quality Emergency medical services are accessible to all regardless of their income especially in challenging times like pandemic. This recognition is dedicated to all our 10,000 employees who went beyond the call of duty and serve all members of society with focus on saving as many lives as possible."

About Ziqitza Healthcare Limited

Ziqitza Health Care Limited (ZHL), has been one of the leading players in India’s Emergency Medical Services industry since 2005. ZHL Rajasthan & Ziqitza Rajasthan congratulates Ziqitza for this achievement with World Economic Forum. Ziqitza is a “one-stop integrated healthcare solution” for corporate or government that include Integrated Emergency Services and Corporate Health Solutions. The service network includes 3,300 ambulances, state of art Helpline centres and medical mobile units that services 2 customers every second in India. We work with multiple state governments and 75 corporate clients in India and Gulf. Ziqitza is winner of Global Real impact Awards and Times Social Impact Award.

For further information please contact:  visakh.dayanandan@zhl.in