'Irrfan Khan wanted to work with Fahadh Faasil; would have done Malayalam films if he was alive'

The late actor's wife Sutapa Sikdar says Khan wanted Bollywood to 'mend its ways'


Late Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan would have worked in Malayalam movies if he was alive now, claimed his wife Sutapa Sikdar on the fourth anniversary of the actor's death.

In a heartfelt note shared on Instagram, Sikdar listed the things he would possibly have been saying and doing had Irrfan Khan been alive now.

She said the actor wanted Bollywood to “mend its ways.” She also remembered a conversation the later actor had with his manager where her said he wanted to work with popular south Indian actor Fahadh Faasil.

Her post read:

It’s 4 years three days since irrfan left me. Four years? A feeling of guilt sweeps through my body. 4 years we have LIVED without him added with sadness, fear, hopelessness and severe helplessness. And then I thought but still I lived with him more. I knew him since 1984 so that makes it 36 years of knowing him more and definitely till I die I would have spent more time with him then without him. And then I thought if he was with me physically in 2024 what would have been our conversation like? Because that’s the most I miss.

He would be coming home mostly in 2024 straight from the shoot and would be petting our cat and reading.

Me :: you have to see chamkila

H e would not have looked up immediately( never did while he was reading)

Me : he is sooo good.. I loved his performance.

He : Accha? Who?

Me : Arre yaar Diljit Dosaanj .. he is so not structured and all heart.. he makes me feel.:

He ( now looking at me) Accha .. you think he is that good !!

Me yes!!! You and he should work together it will be magic you should play a Sardar again after quissa and two brother kind of story ..

He : hummm (his phone rings ) hey dinu (Dinesh Vijayan) yaar yeh sutapa Bol rahi hai Diljit dosanj bahut Accha hai ..:

Me Accha nehi bahut Accha ..

He. Haan yaar let’s do something .. let’s do something on punjabi sufi poets.. main dekhta hoon Aaj chamkila OR

He would be listening on his head phone as he enters .. Arre yaar sutup kya likha hai irshaad ne ..( he loved Irshad kamil) ufff khatarnaak..

suna hai tumne vida karo .. what a song .. He and his manager manpreet are sitting and he is saying get me a Malayali film. I want to work with this director where Fahad Fasil is there. Yaar I am forgetting the name I am telling you if Bollywood doesn’t mend its way etc etc .. I will do a Malayali film! This is what mostly we will be talking in 2024.

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