Is Arnold Schwarzenegger OK? Actor, 76, reveals why he needed a pacemaker surgery

The 'Terminator' actor had three open heart surgeries in 1997, 2018 and 2020

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in Inglewood, California, on March. 22, 2024 | AP

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 76, has revealed that he got a pacemaker fitted and is recovering after the surgery.

"I have some personal news to share. Last Monday, I had surgery for a pacemaker and became a little bit more of a machine," he announced on his Arnold's Pump Club podcast.

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger OK?

“First of all, I want you to know I’m doing great! I had my surgery on Monday, and by Friday, I was already at a big environmental event with my friend and fellow fitness crusader Jane Fonda,” the Terminator actor added

“Nobody would ever have thought I started the week with a surgery. I want to thank my whole team at the Cleveland Clinic. All of the doctors and nurses took amazing care of me and made the surgery as painless as possible,” Schwarzenegger said.

The actor said the surgery was necessitated after his heartbeat became irregular due to some scar tissue from his previous surgeries.

How many surgeries did Schwarzenegger undergo?

Schwarzenegger underwent three open heart surgeries in the past. “I had my valves replaced for the first time in 1997, which required open heart surgery. They told me both valves would last 12 to 15 years,” he recalled.

The actor then went under the knife to get both the valves replaced again in 2018 and 2020.

Schwarzenegger was confident that he will be 100 per cent ready for filming of FUBAR Season 2 next month.

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