Olivia Colman on pay disparity in Hollywood: Would be earning lot more if I was Oliver Colman

I know of one pay disparity, which is a 12,000 percent difference


Oscar winner Olivia Colman says she would be making "a lot more" money if she were a male actor.

  During an appearance on CNN's "The Amanpour Hour", the actor-producer was asked if she has faced pay disparity in Hollywood.

"I'm very aware that if I was Oliver Colman, I'd be earning a f*** of a lot more than I am. I know of one pay disparity, which is a 12,000 percent difference," Colman told host Christiane Amanpour.

Known for starring in popular projects, including "Broadchurch", "The Favourite", "The Crown", and "The Father", the actor further said: "Don't get me started on the pay disparity, but male actors get paid more because they used to say they drew in the audiences. And actually, that hasn't been true for decades but they still like to use that as a reason to not pay women as much as their male counterparts."

Colman's remarks come months after actor Taraji P Henson opened up about feeling stuck within the same low earning range despite having a successful career in the industry. 


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