Mukesh Khanna upset about reports of Ranveer Singh's casting as Shaktimaan

Sony Pictures India and Sajid Nadiadwala are reportedly attached to produce the film

Ranveer Singh and Mukesh Khanna Ranveer Singh and Mukesh Khanna

Mukesh Khanna-starrer Shaktimaan was a frontrunner of superhero shows in India. The teleserial from the 1990s, which was aired on Doordarshan, is getting a reboot with Bollywood star Ranveer Singh reportedly chosen to play the superhero.

Meanwhile, Mukesh Khanna is apparently unhappy with the selection of the Gully Boy star to portray Shaktimaan. 65-year-old Khanna, who was also the producer of the superhero show reportedly said that stardom alone justifies the selection of a star with a "certain image" to play Shaktimaan. The man in the red and gold suit represents "Indian values" and should have the image of a teacher, he reportedly pointed out. 

"Social media is flooded with rumours that Ranveer will play Shaktimaan. Everyone was angry about it. I kept quiet. As channels started announcing that Ranveer had been signed for the part, I had to say something. I have said that an actor with a certain image, no matter how big a star he may be, cannot become Shaktimaan. I have put my foot down. Let's see what happens now," news agency PTI reported Khanna as jotting on Instagram on Sunday.

Mukesh Khanna was critical of Ranveer's nude photoshoot. The veteran star called it "childish" and unfitting for a man chosen to essay a role like Shaktimaan. "Shaktimaan is not just a superhero, he has also become a super teacher. Now, the actor who takes on the role should have the quality that when he speaks, people will listen. There are big actors, but their image comes in the middle," Times Of India (TOI) quoted him as saying. 

Sony Pictures India and Sajid Nadiadwala are reportedly attached to produce the Shaktimaan film directed by Malayalam actor-director Basil Joseph who is best known for the superhero flick Minnal Murali.

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