The cast of Modern Family reunited at SAG Awards, internet buzzes with nostalgia

Ferguson's husband Justin Mikita wrote, “my fav fam.”


Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson posted a picture with members of his onscreen family on his Instagram handle and fans are having a field day. 

“I miss my family so much,” commented one user. “We are ready for the reboot,” wrote another. Ferguson's husband Justin Mikita wrote, “my fav fam.” The picture Ferguson posted featured Ed O'Neil, Eric Stonestreet, Sofia Vergara, Ty Burell and Ferguson's on-screen sister, Julie Bowen. 

Sofia Vergara posted a picture too, but, it was blurry. She also shared a picture with her on-screen husband O'Neil and one with Stonestreet and Burell. “She’s the only one that didn’t age,” commented a fan. Another commented, “Phil is having the moment of his life and we know it.”

Eric Stonestreet shared the same image on his social media, which also garnered several comments. One of them read, “Orange juice gang.” About two days ago, Stonestreet had posted a picture of the Modern Family cast in a huddle, which marked end of the series. He wrote, “4 years ago, 11 years came to an end.”Rico Rodriguez, who played Manny Delgado in the series, commented, “Love and miss ya Jesse.”

The series, which aired for 11 seasons, was about families of two siblings and their father and their dynamics after their father marries a younger woman. 

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