Did Asif Ali reject Thevan's role in 'Bramayugam'? Malayalam actor reveals how part went to Arjun Ashokan

Social media posts claimed that Asif Ali turned down the role

bramayugam-asif ali Asif Ali was approached for the role of Thevan in 'Bramayugam'

Malayalam actor Asif Ali broke his silence over social media rumours that stated that the popular star had rejected 'Bramayugam'-- Rahul Sadasivan's period horror with Mammootty in the lead role. Vehemently denying the claim, Asif Ali reportedly said he never said no to the crticially-acclaimed movie that is running successfully in theatres.

He was forced to leave the project due to a date clash, Asif Ali said. He was disappointed by the development as the script of 'Bramayugam' had made him very excited, the 'Salt N Pepper' star added.

Many had claimed on social media that the director originally wanted Asif to play the role of Thevan. But Asif was unimpressed by the character and the crew finally cast Arjun Ashokan for the role. 

Clarifying the scenario that led to his withdrawal from 'Bramayugam', Asif Ali said the movie's shooting arrived much ahead than expected.

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"I didn't reject 'Bramayugam'. The movie happened faster than we planned. Mammookka (Mammootty was growing his beard for a movie. They decided to do it after it. But I had other commitments at that time and couldn't do it. I am terribly sad about it," Manorama Online quoted Asif Ali as saying in an interview a few months ago.

"I had done my homework properly. 'Bramayugam' is gonna be an all-time best Malayalam cinema. It was a project that I wanted to do so badly. But I am happy that the role went to Arjun Ashokan. You are going to witness Arjun's next-level show in it," Asif had predicted in the interview, Manorama Online said.

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