Shows to watch if you love Gilmore Girls

The story of a single mother and her teenage daughter is still a comfort watch


Research firm Nielson, recently reported that Gilmore Girls, the show that came out in 2007, is still one of the most-watched shows. The story of a single mother, Lorelai played by Lauren Graham, and her teenage daughter, Rory, played by Alexis Bledel, is a comfort watch even today and logged around 500 million viewing hours from January to June 2023 on Netflix. If you've already watched it multiple times and are still craving more, here are shows to check out. 

Ginny and Georgia: In this show, Ginny, a single mother, takes her kids Georgia and Austin to a town in New England for a fresh start. Ginny, much like Loreai on Gilmore Girls, had Ginny when she was a teen. The storyline of this series gets a bit darker. Watch it on Netflix


Never Have I Ever: This show again follows the story of a newly single mother Nalini, played by Poorna Jagannathan and her teenage daughter Devi, played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. Devi is a slightly confused desi girl in an American high school who badly wants to lose her virginity. Watch it on Netflix

Fuller House: This is the spin-off of the show Full House, which featured Bob Saget as Danny Tanner. The series follows the lives of his daughters. DJ, a recently widowed mother and Stephanie, a DJ, who is trying to figure out where she stands in life. Watch it on Netflix

One Day at a Time: This is again the tale of a single-parent household. It features legendary actor Rita Moreno and Justina Machado as a feisty Latina single mother. Machado's Penelope ropes in her mother's help to raise her teenage daughter and pre-teen son. Watch it on Netflix.

Firefly Lane: This is the story of two best friends-- one, who chooses the career path and the other, who chooses to be a stay-at-home mom. The story follows how their dynamic is affected when the mother suddenly becomes single and the latter's alcoholism gets the best of her. Watch it on Netflix

This is Us: If the story of a tight-knit family is what you crave, watch This is Us. It follows the timelines of three siblings of the Pearson family. It will definitely give you serious Gilmore vibes as there are plenty of heartfelt moments and just enough drama to keep you hooked. Also a plus, Milo Ventimiglia, who played Jess Mariano in Gilmore Girls is part of the cast. Watch it on Prime Video

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