Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Most magical moments

Harry feels sorry for the boa and accidentally makes the glass disappear


It has been 22 years since the 'Boy Who Lived' made it to the big screen. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was released on this day and we cannot be thankful enough to Chris Columbus for capturing the magic of the book onto the screen. Here are some of the most magical moments from the movie.

The boa at the zoo thanks Harry: This is the first glimpse we get of Harry's magical side. When his cousin Dudley bangs on the glass where the captured snake is resting, Harry feels sorry for the boa and accidentally makes the glass disappear. The boa hisses fannkksss, as it slides out. 

Yer a wizard, Harry: Harry's eyes widen with shock when he hears gamekeeper Hagrid say the words to him. 'No I'm not,' is his instinctive reply and is positively taken aback when he realises that his muggle aunt and uncle knew about this side of him and about how his parents really died.

Visiting Ollivanders: Harry buying his beloved wand, is definitely a magical moment. Yes, John Hurt playing the eccentric wandmaker freaks Harry out when he reveals that Harry's and Voldemort's wands share cores, but, we sure are thrilled when a golden light engulfs Harry as he holds his phoenix wand.

Harry's first time on a broom: Harry's first time on the broom is quite an unintentional event-- he mounts the broom and ends up flying to chase Draco Malfoy, who steals Neville's remembrall. It is thrilling to watch, as we wonder whether Harry will be expelled for flying without permission.

Harry, Ron and Hermione taking on the troll: A visibly hurt Hermione runs to the bathroom after she overhears an unkind comment about her by Ron. Harry, noticing that Hermione isn't present at dinner, drags Ron along, to bring her back to the dormitory. Then, a swish and a flick and the rest is history! Thus begins the friendship that would go on to last a lifetime.

Harry's first Christmas at Hogwarts: This is the first time ever that Harry gets real presents at Christmas thanks to a kind Mrs Weasely, who sends him her signature jumper and homemade mince pies.

The Mirror of Erised: Harry's first time with the mirror is magical and sentimental. Imagine the emotions coursing through an 11-year-old who has never known his parents as he longingly sees them in the mirror! 

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