Singham Again: Ranveer Singh is natkhat, nirala in the new poster

The first movie of the series, Singham released in 2011

ranveer_singham Ranveer Singh in Singham Again | Twitter

The hype and curiosity around Singham 3, titled Singhan Again, has been rising ever since director Rohit Shetty shared an image of him with lead actors Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgn, in September, announcing the commencement of the film's shooting.

Today, Shetty released Ranveer Singh's look from the movie. “Hum sabka favourite!!! The notorious SIMMBA is back!” he wrote on Instagram. Actor Ajay Devgn, too shared the image. He wrote, “The most notorious officer of my squad, #Simmba!.” Ranveer Singh, sharing the picture wrote on Instagram, “SABSE NATKHAT, SABSE NIRALA!!! ALA RE ALA, SIMMBA ALA!”

The first movie of the series, Singham released in 2011, and its second instalment was released in 2014. Both movies featured Ajay Devgn as the lead. The movie also featured Kareena Kapoor and Anupam Kher. 

The latest instalment features Deepika Padukone as a police officer. Taking to Instagram, Ranveer Singh shared images of his wife as Shakti Shetty. “AALI RE AALI…LADY SINGHAM AALI !!!!! SHAKTI SHETTY has arrived in the Cop-verse !!!!!” he wrote. Ajay Devgn wrote, "Welcome to my squad @deepikapadukone.” Rohit Shetty wrote, “NAARI SITA KA BHI ROOP HAI AUR DURGA KA BHI... MEET THE MOST BRUTAL AND VIOLENT OFFICER OF OUR COP UNIVERSE… SHAKTI SHETTY... MY LADY SINGHAM… DEEPIKA PADUKONE”. The last time Deepika Padukone worked with Rohit Shetty was for Chennai Express alongside Shah Rukh Khan.

Singham Again also stars Arjun Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Tiger Shroff and Akshay Kumar.

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