Ranveer Singh's controversial nude pic is now on cover of Sufjan Stevens’s latest album

Featured as artwork for the song 'Goodbye Evergreen'


Actor Ranveer Singh is known for his flamboyant fashion choices. He, however, found himself in trouble for one controversial choices last year—to pose nude for a magazine cover.

The Bollywood actor's nude photo shoot for the Paper magazine went viral last July, and also attracted legal trouble. The Mumbai Police pressed charges against him for obscenity for the photographs that were also shared on the actor's Instagram handle. In his statement to the police, Ranveer had claimed that the photograph, which formed the basis of the complaint,was not among the seven he had uploaded on his Instagram page.

After receiving widespread attention in India last year, the spotlight is back on the nude pic. The picture has been featured on the cover of Academy Award-nominated singer and songwriter Sufjan Stevens's song Goodbye Evergreen from his latest album Javelin. The photo, not explicitly shown, is featured as the backdrop of the lyrical video of the song. It also serves as the video's thumbnail on YouTube.

In a post on Instagram, Stevens dedicated the album to his “beloved partner and best friend Evans Richardson” who passed away in April.

In the heartwarming post, he wrote:“I know relationships can be very difficult sometimes, but it’s always worth it to put in the hard work and care for the ones you love, especially the beautiful ones, who are few and far between. If you happen to find that kind of love, hold it close, hold it tight, savor it, tend to it, and give it everything you’ve got, especially in times of trouble.”

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