Zakir Khan on his latest stand-up special 'Tathastu': Wanted to make it as personal as possible

'Tathastu' is currently streaming on Prime Video

112-Zakir-Khan Standup artist Zakir Khan

Stand-up comic Zakir Khan says his latest comedy special "Tathastu" is a personal story which belongs to "me and my people".

Tathastu, currently streaming on Prime Video, depicts Khan's journey of growing up in a joint family and offers an unfiltered sneak peek into his life in the funniest way possible

Tathastu is a special where I have not lied at all and it took me two years to write its script. It's a very personal story with multiple layers as it belongs to me and my people," the stand-up comic said in a statement.

Khan, known for stand-up specials such as "Haq se Single" and "Kaksha Gyarvi", said his latest work is closest to his art and he has dedicated it to his grandfather, veteran Indian classical instrumentalist and vocalist Ustad Moinuddin Khan. "Everytime we talk about relatable things with people; this time I want to make it as personal as I can make it and see whether it will fly or not. I remember my grandfather passed away and I had dates booked for live shows. When this special was still in the works, I just had to talk about what happened and why I wasn't able to meet him for the last time," he added.

Produced by OML, Tathastu is streaming in India and 240 other countries and territories.