Success Story: Venture Capitalist & Investor Varun Datta's secret recipe to Success


Success sure is no accident. It is the combination of hard work, perseverance, learning, research, sacrifice, and most of all, passion and purpose for what one is doing. Varun Datta has been one such entrepreneur who emerged as a successful Venture Capitalist and is currently funding and mentoring companies globally. Varun Datta, having roots in India, is a UK-based venture capitalist who has established himself as a prominent business tycoon at an incredibly young age. Varun Datta funds ventures at the seed level. He majorly picks startups or small enterprises that he believes have high growth potential. His primary motive is to nurture and promote the inception of new ideas and unique strategies. The sectors he inclines toward for investment are blockchain technology, healthcare & holistic wellness, entertainment media like OTT platforms & content production, and Cannabis- CBD in the USA.

The reason is quite clear. Being young himself, Varun Datta believes in the power of youth and the creative abilities they possess. He is convinced that when cultivated with the right amount of resources and in the presence of a proper environment, these seed-level companies or startups could grow enormously. Blockchain technology refers to a systematic procedure of documenting data of transactions of digital assets in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to alter, hack, or trick the system. With widespread digitalization and ever-upgrading technology, a virtual ledger like this has become a necessity. Blockchain tech is popularising day by day. Varun is looking forward to investing in firms in this sector.

Today's world is loaded with stress and anxiety. Here, another industry that is transforming is the entertainment industry. The media and forms of entertainment are amassing altogether a new meaning today. Varun explains how the needs and demands of the world are constantly changing. And, for any business, the wisest decision one can make is to flow along with time. Healthcare and holistic wellness is another industry that would ever upgrade and expand. Varun is also eager to fund the cannabis industry for medical use and purposes. After various research signifying the health benefits of marijuana, the demand for legal marijuana has increased exponentially. Venture Capitalist Varun Datta says success is not a ladder you climb, it's a recipe you make with years of effort, preparation, research, hard work on the flame of passion, perseverance and YOUR purpose.