Here are some wardrobe transforming tips by celebrity fashion stylist Kamran Razmdjoo


With fashion tips and hacks becoming ubiquitous, we are bombarded on a daily basis with any number of trends and it's no easy feat deciding which ones to follow. To make our lives easier, we asked Kamran Razmdjoo for some wardrobe transforming tips.

Celebrity fashion stylist Kamran has garnered quite a fan following on the basis of his elegant and creative fashion aesthetic.

According to Kamran, the first and foremost thing to do in service of your wardrobe is to ditch the oversized silhouettes. "Get your dresses tailored because no one looks good in a giant outfit. You should always wear outfits that fit your size unless you want to look scruffy," says Kamran.

Adding a neutral colour palette to your wardrobe is the next thing this fashion stylist asks us to do. Kamran Razmdjoo elucidates by saying, "Wear outfits that create a statement, and if you want to do that, neutral colours are best to deliver a good, elegant and sophisticated look. These earthy tones are becoming a new trend, and I'm sure that they will stay for a long time."

Kamran Razmdjoo also embraces the idea of less is more. He believes that there's nothing wrong in following trends, but we should spare some days for the good old basics - jeans and our favourite t-shirts. He also encourages that you dress for your mood and developing your own style. "A lot of the time, I just buy basic pieces so that I can mix them up and create my own style without having to follow trends. Understand your personality and wear outfits that add value to it," Kamran concludes.

So there you have it. Some simple and easy to follow tips from a bona-fide fashion guru to spruce up your wardrobe. Kamran Razmdjoo's style sense is admired and appreciated by people across the globe. He has styled a myriad of celebrities including Harsh Kapoor, Barbie Blank, Travis Mills, Maluma, Marina Laswick, Eric Bledsoe, and Kelly Kelly.