The artist behind Shinsekai, Cedric Kashima has an incredible journey towards 3D


NFT designers, artists, and illustrators are the artists of the future, infusing visual and light effects with a touch of innovation. From conceptualizing your brand to bringing that next level to your website or application design, these talented creatives can turn your idea into an immersive experience.

Cedric Kashima is the artist behind Shinsekai, an Anime and Manga based NFT-based art project. His work features some of the most captivating illustrations, with a dark tone that adds to the ethereal nature of his work. He started creating videos on TikTok and YouTube. After realizing that he enjoyed creating art as well as editing the videos, making them more visually 3D, he started pursuing a career in the technology industry. Cedric explained that his interest in drawing stemmed from his keen interest in drawing as a child. On top of envisioning the world around us, he explained that he also finds great joy in making something tangible from imagination.

Cedric's interest in technology naturally led him to pursue his career in this area. "I saw the technology that can generate 3D and 2D images, and I thought it would be a good idea to use this creative tool to promote Shinsekai from the creative standpoint."

He tells people about his project through the illustration he creates and through the way he designs his models. For every NFT, Cedric gives "it" a personality by giving it different looks and designs that can be recognized as they are made. His 3D illustrations are rich in texture, with a dark tone that gives an eerie vibe.

He encourages his followers to pursue what they love and to embrace what they're passionate about. "I would tell people to do what they like and don't regret it," Cedric said, "Because if you regret doing something, you lose the passion that drives yourself to do what you're passionate about."

When he met with the founders of Shinsekai, their love for manga and anime resonated with him. He was drawn to the idea of Shinsekai being inspired by Japanese culture. After releasing thier NFT last month, Shinsekai is planning to create itself as a brand and bring more fun experiences to Manga enthusiast.

It is needless to say that Cedric's journey is full of colour and artistic aspiration. His dreams and passion for what he does is evident in the way he describes his latest artwork and his vision for Shinsekai.