Actress Payal Malik unlocks a new milestone of success, will soon appear in the new web series ‘A Trip’


We often hear about the menace of social media but very few talk about the boon that social media is for young talents. These young talents do not waste their time on social media but tap its full potential and build their career. One such talented youngster is actress Payal Malik who has made Indian netizens proud. Payal who started her career by posting her videos on TikTok will now be seen in a web series on an OTT platform. This is an apt response for naysayers who criticized her for not studying and wasting her time on social media. Payal’s popularity has multiplied over the years and she has one of the largest follower bases. The news of her new web series will sure add a lot more fans to the list.

Acting opportunities do not come easily to people from humble backgrounds. However, Payal did not let the lack of connections come in the way of her career. Additionally to her talent, her commitment to her work has made it possible for her to climb the ladder without any support. Payal’s achievements are commendable but they have intense hard work behind them. She works for 12-14 hours per day and dedicates this time to ideate, shoot and post videos. She also actively engages her audience. This is proof that Payal’s achievements are not about luck but her dedication.

Payal’s videos mostly focus on beauty and fitness. Fans look forward to her make-up and fitness tips and beautiful videos of her family. Her husband Armaan Malik and son Chirayu Malik can be frequently seen in her family videos. Payal’s expressive eyes and innocent appeal always charm her followers. Her YouTube channel ‘Family Fitness’ is as popular as her Instagram handle and has 2.91 million subscribers. The channel offers romantic, comic, family, and fitness videos. Payal’s Tattoos that are seen clearly in these videos also become the center of attraction.

Payal earns majorly from branding assignments and music videos. Her songs Machis and Yamraj became viral and attracted a lot of attention. Fans were in awe of her spectacular moves and beautiful expressions in the videos.

Major hurdles in Payal’s journey were self-doubt, lewd and derogatory comments, and peer pressure. After Payal came to know that she has been cast in the web series, she couldn’t contain her excitement. Now she is bracing herself up for the launch of the web series and praying that her fans receive it with love. She wishes to pay back their love and support with her mesmerizing performance.

We are sure that Payal will achieve what she visualizes and wish her luck in her endeavors.