‘Pawri’ horahihai' girl Dananeer Mobeen grooves to Yashraj Mukhate's mashup of her track

"Ye hamari car hai, ye hum haiaur ye hamari ‘pawri’ horahihai” (This is our car,


"Ye hamari car hai, ye hum haiaur ye hamari ‘pawri’ horahihai” (This is our car, this is us and we are having a party)—these lines have been the internet's latest fascination.

After Yashraj Mukhate dropped a mashup of Pakistani influencer Dananeer Mobeen’s Pawri Hori Hai’ video, several Instagrammers and celebrities have been creating their own versions of the video. Several memes too had followed.

Now, Mobeen herself took to Instagram to come up with a funny video in which she and two of her friends are wearing T-shirts with the words ‘PawriHoRahi Hai’ and are seen grooving to the peppy track. "Pawri tou abb shuru hougee! 🎉Can you guess what’s coming soon? 🙊🥳 #pawrihoraihai Working on something exciting for you and your friends to enjoy on your next ‘pawri’ 🥳," she wrote, sharing the video.  BIG SHOUTOUT TO @yashrajmukhate for this banger!!!

Mobeen has more than 7.62 lakh followers on Instagram.

After her video had gone viral, with several companies, including Netflix and the SBI making memes and advertainments, the 19-year-old Pakistani influence had said, “I am so happy that my light-hearted video is also being enjoyed across the border, especially at a time when there a lot of tension and polarization in the world."