Vijay Deverakonda prefers dictatorship, says ‘that's the way to go’

"I don’t even think everyone should be allowed to vote"

97-Vijay-Deverakonda Vijay Deverakonda

Telugu film star Vijay Deverakonda recently shared his opinion about the concept of democracy and some of his comments have not gone down well with many social media users.

In an interview with Film Companion, he said that every person should not have the right to vote while electing leaders. The original interview was published on September 1, but a deleted snippet was posted on Film Companion South's YouTube page on October 8. Baradwaj Rangan asked Vijay if he was interested in politics and would join a party a few years down the line, to which Vijay said he does not have the patience for politics.

“I don’t have the patience for politics. The political system itself in some way is not making sense. As in, how we go about the elections is not making sense in some way. I don’t even think everyone should be allowed to vote,” he said.

He explained his concept with an example. He said, “So there’s this concept when you get on a plane and you’re flying to Bombay, would we all decide who will fly the plane? Should we let the 300 people on the plane decide to vote who is going to go on that plane? No. We let an efficient agency like the airlines decide who is most competent… who understands this business to put the best person possible to fly the plane.”

He also argued that he thinks the middle class people who have the ‘most at stake’ should be allowed to vote. "Why we're having money and cheap liquor swing a vote, is ridiculous. I'm not saying that rich people should vote. I don't even think rich people should vote. I think the middle class, who have the most at stake, people who are educated and won't get swung by little money...I don't even think everyone should be allowed to vote because they don't know who they're voting for and why they're voting for," he said.

He then went on to say he feels dictatorship is the way to go. "I would like to be a dictator if at all. I think that's the way to go. That's the way you can make change. ‘Just shut up...I’m having good intentions’. You don't know what's good for you maybe, but just stick to this and 5-10 years down the line, it's going to pay off. I think somewhere, dictatorship is the right way, but you need to have a good guy (sic)," he added.

Some Twitter users have slammed the Arjun Reddy actor for his comments.