Anurag Kashyap visits Jamia, offers support to agitating students

assured the protesters that they are not alone in the battle they are waging


Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap, a vocal critic of the BJP dispensation at the Centre, visited Jamia Millia University on Friday and addressed the students who have been protesting against the amended citizenship act.

Urging the students to be patient and persistent with the protests, the filmmaker said they will have to fight until all their questions are answered. "Our battle will have to be fought with patience, not violence. It is key. This won't take one or two days. We have to stand strong until we get the answer to all our questions," NDTV quoted the filmmaker as saying.

The director said this was his first visit to Jamia and added that he felt alive as he stepped into the campus. He said for him the protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act began in Jamia Millia University.

He said he does not trust Home Minister Amit Shah as he gives contradictory statements on the citizenship act.

Kashyap assured the protesters that they are not alone in the battle they are waging. "This will be a long fight, but we are all together in this," he was quoted as saying.

He said even those who are not coming out openly in support of the students are with them in their silence. The filmmaker further said the protest against the law is spread across the nation. "For the first time, it seems like we are one country. We have to take back our country and Constitution," NDTV quoted him as saying.