'Anne With an E' comes to an end

Netflix and the CBC had announced that Season 3 will be the last

anne-netflix via IMDb

In the 1908 novel, Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery, the 11-year-old orphan exclaims “Tragical!” when she learns that the Cuthbert siblings do not intend to keep her. But in Moira Walley-Beckett’s series, Anne, the red-headed Canadian orphan, falls to her knees and enters a momentary state of trance where she gets fleeting thoughts of her abusive childhood. Throughout the three seasons, Anne repeatedly goes into this fugue state which gives the series a sombre hue.

Despite the difference in verbiage, the Emmy-Award winning producer brought out the true essence of the story to its viewers and boldly introduced topical issues like homosexuality and racial inequality. The drama has indeed taken a different direction from Montgomery’s original storyline which is not as dimly lit as the series. Paradoxically, the grim vibe of the series does not make it drab and grey; probably, one of the reasons why it has a huge online fan community. The series definitely had a rocky start but found its stride in the second and third season. And just when it got interesting, Netflix and the CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) announced that Season 3 will be the last set of the episodes for the series. #SaveAnneWithAnE has been trending on social media and fans are hopeful that they would get another season. After all, the romance between Anne and Gilbert Blythe just gets started towards the end of the third season—episode 10, “The better feelings of the heart”.

Although most viewers, who are familiar with the books and previous adaptations know that the relationship turns into marriage, it will be interesting to see Walley-Beckett’s rendition of the story [if the Season 4 ever comes out]. After smashing a slate over Gilbert’s head in season one to dancing with him in the latest season, Anne’s feelings towards him have taken a 360-degree turn. However, season three is not all about Anne’s burgeoning feelings for the would-be doctor; it explores interesting friendships and quests, the power of written word, education, loss and several social issues.

The season starts with an interesting friendship between Anne and Ka’kwet, a young Mi’kmaq girl. As usual, Anne gets drawn to “kindred spirits”, especially the supposedly unlikeable ones. But just like every other character in the series, Ka’kwet’s part of the story also takes a dreadful turn where she is abused by a nun at the place where she was sent to study. Then a milestone birthday (16th birthday) ignites a search for Anne’s lineage and the Cuthberts, though distressed by her wish in the beginning, take every effort to find her origin. In between these events, Anne’s best friend Diana develops feelings for the Cuthbert’s farm help Jerry but she keeps it under cover. The secret drives Anne and Diana apart but they find their way back to each other. As a matter of fact, in the last episode, Diana is instrumental in bringing Gilbert and Anne together after she berates him for being blind to Anne’s feelings and also for being distracted by a debutante. The run for the kiss, the happy goodbyes, the new findings and new beginning—what a perfect way to end a series.