Viola Davis defends superhero films, says 'I love a good Marvel movie'

She said she is a fan of Scorsese but also loves a "good Marvel movie"


Oscar winner Viola Davis is the latest celebrity who has defended Marvel movies amidst an onslaught of criticism from veteran filmmakers.

Martin Scorsese opened the pandora's box by calling Marvel films as "theme park" experience and "not cinema". His views were backed by his contemporaries Francis Ford Coppola, Ken Loach and Pedro Almodovar.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Davis said she is a fan of Scorsese but also loves a "good Marvel movie".

"I think he was voicing his opinion. I think it's valid. Everyone had a place, an opinion. But I like a good Marvel movie," the actor said.

Davis, 54, was speaking at the Rome Film Festival where she was honoured with the lifetime achievement award.

The Suicide Squad actor said the most fascinating aspect of superhero films is their ability to capture and expand the imagination.

"Albert Einstein said that imagination is more valuable than knowledge. If I did not have my imagination, I would still be poor Viola living in Central Falls, Rhode Island, who is not considered attractive or whatever.

"My imagination defined me. I could escape into a world that's infinite, a world that I could create on my own, a world where I could redefine myself. That's where art lives," she said.

Davis said art is part of the world of imagination and there is space for every form to co-exist.

"It is God's playground. It's not up to anyone to say what deserves to be there and what doesn't deserve to be there. It's anything that you want to be in that place can live there.

"And that is why we have some of the greatest painters, some of the greatest actors, some of the greatest writers, and that's why we live. So I do believe that there's a place for all of it," the actor said.