No pressure to shift 'Manikarnika' release: Kangana on clash with 'Thackeray'

for on line Kangana Ranaut at the trailer release of Manikarnika | Janak Bhat

Kangana Ranaut-fronted Manikarnika will clash with Thackeray and the actor has said that no one approached or "pressured" them to shift the release date.

Earlier, Manikarnika, Thackeray and Cheat India were slated to be released on January 25. The Emraan Hashmi-starrer, Cheat India, however, advanced its date and would now release on January 18. When asked if there was any pressure considering her film's face-off with the biopic of the late Shiv Sena founder, Kangana told reporters, "No one told us any such thing. Neither anyone told us to postpone the release date nor there was any kind of pressure on us."

"No one even approached us. So, we are very happy that we have a sort of a big window, there is a vacation around," she added. The actor, who has co-directed Manikarnika with Krish, said the film is "kind of a festive release" and both the movies can find space successfully.

Kangana was speaking at the launch of her new song from Manikarnika on Wednesday.