Walmart to cut hundreds of jobs as part of its resizing efforts

The job cuts will affect the company's corporate employees

US Walmart shooting Indiana

US-based multinational retail corporation Walmart is set to lay off hundreds of its employees.

According to media reports, Walmart's job cuts will affect the company's corporate employees. The company has been trying to reduce its workforce for quite some time.

The company will also ask most of its remote employees to move to offices. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Walmart is also asking its employees in Dallas, Atlanta and Toronto to move or other central hubs such as the corporate headquarters of the company in Bentonville as well as Hoboken or Southern California.

The company, which is America's biggest private employer, will continue to allow some of its staff members to work from home part-time as long as they come to the office the majority of the time.

Last year, Walmart had said it expects nearly 65 per cent of its outlets to be serviced by automation by the end of the financial year 2026.

In February last year, Walmart had asked hundreds of its employees to relocate if they wished to keep their jobs ensuring that those working from home would start coming to the office. 

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