Anant National University to conduct entrance test for design course in 4 regional languages

Test will be held in Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali and Tamil apart from English

SSC CGL Registration to end on Nov 25; check details here Representational Image | Pixabay

In a first, the entrance examination for a design course will be conducted in four regional languages by Anant National University in Ahmedabad. Besides English, the course will be offered in Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali and Tamil. The entrance examination is called Anant Design Entrance and Proficiency Test (ADEPT).

The pioneering move is a first where a design institution evaluates creativity and innovation aptitude in languages beyond the traditionally chosen English. This helps provide equal opportunities for aspiring designers from diverse linguistic backgrounds. “Design goes beyond language, and this opportunity for students to attempt ADEPT in any of the five languages is a true reflection of this philosophy. Each student has the chance to showcase their talent and potential in a language they are most comfortable with,” said Ajay Piramal, president of Anant National University.

By expanding assessment options, the university fosters inclusivity and democratises access to design education, opening doors to a broader range of talent. “ADEPT goes beyond standardised evaluation methods by assessing a candidate’s critical thinking, design aptitude, holistic approach, and awareness of societal and global dynamics,” said Piramal.

Anant National University also has academic partnerships with international educational institutions such as University of Pennsylvania, University of Miami and Pratt. 

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