Layoffs: IBM announces job cuts in marketing and communications divisions

So far in 2024, at least 204 tech companies have cut at least 49,978 jobs

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International Business Machines (IBM) Corp has announced fresh layoffs in its marketing and communications divsions as the company maintains its focus on AI and other emerging technologies, said a report.

IBM Chief Communications Officer Jonathan Adashek made the announcement during a meeting with staffers that lasted just seven minutes, reported CNBC, quoting sources. The employees in the affected units are responsible for shaping IBM's brand, disseminating information and engaging with stakeholders.

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna had in 2023 said the company will pause hiring for positions that can be replaced by AI in the near future.  “I could easily see 30% of that getting replaced by AI and automation over a five-year period," Krishna had said.

In the January, IBM said it will lay off 3,900 employees. According to The Register, IBM has urged employees who are will to resign voluntarily, to come forward. This was seen a move to allow staffers willing to opt for voluntary redundancy instead of imposing layoffs on those unwilling to leave, added the outlet.

So far in 2024, at least 204 tech companies have cut at least 49,978 jobs.


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