4.4 lakh counterfeit products of HP, worth Rs Rs 30 crore, seized in one year: Report


The Anti-Counterfeiting initiatives of software and hardware-related services and products provider HP (Hewlett-Packard) have led to the seizure of counterfeit HP products worth approximately Rs 30 crore during the period from November 2022 to October 2023 in India.

According to the HP Anti-Counterfeiting and Fraud (ACF) report, nearly 4.4 lakh illicit items, including counterfeit toner and ink cartridges, were removed from the market in the operations involving enforcement authorities and HP’s Anti-Counterfeiting team.

The majority of these operations occurred in Mumbai, where over one lakh illicit items were confiscated.

HP’s ACF programme aims to protect markets and consumers from counterfeits of HP products, while also raising awareness about the scale and severity of the fraudulent printing supplies market in India.

While counterfeit ink and toner cartridges might look like HP originals, they are often of poor quality, and pose significant risks for end users, such as sub-standard printout quality, printer downtime and extra costs due to counterfeit cartridge leakage, the report said.

"We are committed to protecting our valued customers in India from counterfeit products through our Anti-Counterfeiting and Fraud Programme. This initiative ensures that individuals receive authentic HP products, upholding quality standards and safeguarding consumer interests....Collaborating with law enforcement agencies and ongoing awareness initiatives, we strive to combat counterfeiting, preserve customer trust, and uphold industry standards," Sunish Raghavan, senior director, Printing Systems, HP India, said.

The company said it offers its free customer delivery inspection service, primarily for corporate customers. If customers suspect counterfeits in a large or mid-sized printing supplies delivery, they can request a free inspection.

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