Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella impressed by India's AI adoption; says the tech can boost India's GDP

Claims AI can 'equally distribute' growth

Britain Microsoft

Microsoft Corp CEO Satya Nadella, on Wednesday, noted that India is keeping pace with the rest of the world in artificial intelligence (AI) adoption.

“This is the first time I feel what is happening in India and what is happening in the rest of the world—there is no impedance, there is no gap," he said while addressing the audience comprising of business leaders from consultancies, legal firms and information technology companies, in Mumbai.

"If anything, the use cases here are so unique... and are paving their own path," he said, and called this "exciting". "We are not just talking about AI, we’re scaling AI," Nadella added.

Citing the government estimate that AI could add nearly $500 million to India’s GDP by 2025, he said, “When you have a new general purpose technology, how intensely you invest in deploying it across sectors inside the economy makes a difference to a country’s prospects going forward."

Pointing to multiple examples of usage of AI by Indian enterprises, Nadella said the ability to build your own AI applications has never been easier.

He further said AI can "equally distribute" growth. The Microsoft CEO said his company will be skilling 20 lakh Indians on AI by 2025. Instilling skills to ensure that the workforce "thrives" is the most important thing a company like Microsoft can do, he added.

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