Why is PayPal laying off 2,500 employees? January 2024 sees over 28,000 job cuts

The job cuts amount to 9 per cent of the global PayPal workforce

PayPal sign is seen at its headquarters on January 30, 2024 in San Jose, California PayPal sign is seen at its headquarters on January 30, 2024 in San Jose, California | Getty Images via AFP

Paypal Holdings said it will lay off 2,500 employees from is global workforce this year, according to a letter sent by the payments firm's CEO Alex Chriss on January 30. This amounts to 9 per cent of the total number of PayPal employees.

Why is PayPal cutting 2,500 jobs?

Chriss said the layoffs were necessitated in order to 'right-size' its business and focus on automation. PayPal is also seeing diminished growth in its branded products amid pressure from rivals like Apple, Block and Zelle.

What did PayPal CEO say?

“Today, I am writing to share the difficult news that we will be reducing our global workforce by approximately 9 per cent through both direct reductions and the elimination of open roles over the course of the year," Chriss stated.

"We are doing this to right-size our business, allowing us to move with the speed needed to deliver for our customers and drive profitable growth. At the same time, we will continue to invest in areas of the business we believe will create and accelerate growth," the CEO added.

28,963 job cuts in Jan 2024

January 2024 has seen at least 28,963 layoffs across 103 companies so far, according to layoffs.fyi. These include tech giants such as Meta, Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Around 2,60,000 jobs were cut in the tech sector in 2023.


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