'Merriness in the air': How hoteliers cashed in on year-end rush despite Covid scare

'Resort locations stand out as beacons of promise'


There has been an uptick in dining out and hotel bookings at resort destinations during the year-end as the country is set to ring in the New Year. 

Reports of Covid-19 resurgence have failed to dampen the festive spirits as revellers are hoping to make the year-end a memorable one. With the New Year's Eve falling on a Sunday, more people are likely to go out with their families on December 31.

Talking about the impact of rising Covid-19 cases, Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI) president-elect Pradeep Shetty told PTI, "The news of Covid resurgence has not dented the festive sentiment, and besides, hospitality establishments adhere to stringent safety protocols. Overall, there is positivity and merriness in the air."

"The festive fervour is ablaze across all major metropolitan cities, reflecting the high spirits of celebrations. Dining out experiences are witnessing a remarkable surge, paralleled by the promising scenario in resort destinations, where bookings have soared, exceeding 80 per cent," he added.

There is also a considerable leap in domestic travel with rising year-end occupancies in hotels, Shetty added. "Resort locations stand out as beacons of promise, while urban centres are witnessing substantial momentum in both celebratory events and dining experiences," he added.

"Talking about New Year's booking, we anticipate it to grow at the same level. We expect an equally better room growth," the agency quoted Hotel Association of India vice-president K.B. Kachru as saying.

Speaking about room revenue growth, Regenta & Royal Orchid Hotels Chairman and Managing Director Chander K Baljee said, "...our room revenue has experienced a robust growth of 19 per cent compared to the same period last year, accompanied by an average room rate (ARR) increase of 5 per cent until November year-to-date".

-- with agency inputs


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