Meta to support project for using Gen AI in consumer grievance redressal in India

The research initiative will explore the feasibility of leveraging Llama 2


 Social network major Meta, on Tuesday, said it will support a National Law School of India University's research project for using generative AI technologies to enhance efficiency in consumer grievance redressal system.

The research initiative will explore the feasibility of leveraging Llama 2, Meta's openly available large language model (LLM), in creating a citizen-centric chatbot and a decision-assist tool in the area of consumer law, to guide consumers on the procedural aspects of drafting a complaint and answering questions relating to consumer law in India, the company said in a statement.

The research project will explore how LLMs can assist consumers or judicial authorities in the context of ongoing oversight and control by human decision makers.

National Law School of India University (NLSIU) is undertaking the research project in collaboration with IIT Bombay and the Department of Consumer Affairs.

NLSIU and IIT Bombay will also release a white paper explaining the risk mitigation approaches implemented and how responsible design principles have been deployed at every layer of stack.

Meta vice president, Global Policy Joel Kaplan said, “Meta has put exploratory research, open science, and collaboration with academic and industry partners at the heart of our AI efforts for over a decade. We have seen first-hand how open innovation can lead to technologies that benefit more people and transform sectors."

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