Kerala launches transformative tourism plan 'Mission 2030'

Tourism masterplan aims to boost GDP share to 20 pc


Kerala government has unveiled a toursim master plan 'Mission 2030' aimed at propelling the state's GDP share to an impressive 20 percent from the current 12 percent. The visionary plan primarily focuses on strategic development of the travel and hospitality sector. During the Tourism Investors Meet (TIM), Tourism Minister P A Mohamed Riyas emphasised the necessity for substantial private investment to fully exploit the state's tourism potential.

The comprehensive blueprint for this transformative initiative is set to be revealed early next year, providing a roadmap for stakeholders both domestically and internationally. According to Riyas, attracting private investment is crucial in order to make the most of Kerala's tourism resources. The government has identified potential destinations for development and is allowing private entrepreneurs to initiate projects in those areas. The minister, chairing the inaugural session of the event, also highlighted that the projects under Mission 2030 will adhere to sustainable development goals, eco-conservation, and responsible tourism.

In an effort to modernise and enhance the tourism sector to suit current demands and preferences, Riyas mentioned that the ongoing roadwork for a six-lane national highway from Kasaragod down to Thiruvananthapuram will be completed by 2025. Additionally, an arterial road across nine coastal districts is nearing completion, which will enable tourism centers to be established every 50 kilometers along the picturesque coastal stretches of Kerala. Furthermore, the state is laying a hill highway (SH-59) that is approaching its final stage, all of which will significantly boost the tourism prospects of Kerala.

Riyas stressed the need for the tourism sector to adapt to current trends and called upon investors to join the government's efforts to make Kerala an attractive destination for travelers throughout the year. To facilitate prompt clearance of tourism projects, the government plans to implement a single-window system that will provide quick permissions and licenses to entrepreneurs. The responsible tourism initiative of Kerala has already gained international recognition and serves as a model for replication in other parts of the world, the minister added.

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