Sebi streamlines process for investors to access unclaimed funds in REITs, InvITs, debt securities

The regulator also puts in place a manner of claiming such unclaimed amounts


Capital markets regulator Sebi, on Wednesday, came out with detailed procedures for dealing with unclaimed funds of investors lying with entities having listed non-convertible securities, REITs and InvITs.

The regulator has also put in place a manner of claiming such unclaimed amounts by investors.

The new framework will come into effect from March 1, 2024, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) said in three separate circulars.

The move is aimed at prescribing a uniform process of claim for such unclaimed funds in a streamlined manner for the ease and convenience of investors.

This came after the board of Sebi in September approved amendments to rules about the IPEF (Investor Protection and Education Fund) disclosure, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and infrastructure investment trusts (InvITs).

Going by circulars, Sebi has defined the manner of handling the unclaimed amounts lying with REITs, InvITs, and in the escrow accounts of the listed entities (which are not companies), transfer of such amounts to IPEF and claim thereof by the investors.

Additionally, the regulator has standardised the process to be followed by a listed entity, REITs and InvITs for the transfer of such amounts to escrow accounts and by the investors for making claims thereof.

Investors may approach the debt-listed entity/ REIT/InvIT to claim their unclaimed amounts, thereby ensuring minimal disruptions in the claim process for investors.

Under the rule, any amount transferred to the escrow account remaining unclaimed for a period of seven years shall be transferred to IEPF.


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