Imports from India into Australia will be tariff-free by 2026

Liberal Party leader Peter Dutton was speaking on India-Australia relations in Delhi


India and Australia ought to enhance military cooperation, not only between themselves but also with other Asia countries, said Peter Dutton MP, and Leader of Australia’s Liberal Party.

Recalling that the former coalition government, of which he was a senior member, had signed the Defence Science and Technology agreement and a mutual logistic support agreement with India, he said, “I truly hope that India recognises the sheer magnitude of its own influence to do good. India is one of the greatest accomplishments of growth and advancement of any nation in modern history and has emerged as the world's largest democracy and one of the fastest growing major economies.”

The economic cooperation and trade agreement that was signed between India and Australia, he said, means that by the beginning of 2026, 100% of imports from India into Australia will be tariff free. “Another area where there is enormous potential for future mutual economic benefit is in energy security. India is, of course, a nuclear power nation with some 22 reactors in operation. Australia at this point in time, it's not a nuclear power nation. If we don't lift our moratorium to accommodate these new nuclear technologies, Australia risks becoming a nuclear power pariah,” he said.

According to Dutton, nuclear power is the only feasible and proven technology which can firm up renewables at the scale that is needed. “We are exceptionally well positioned to unleash uranium export potential and support India's growing demand,” he added.

Dutton was giving a public lecture on India-Australia relations, organized by the Centre for India Australia Studies at O.P. Jindal Global University.

Welcoming Dutton, Dr Raj Kumar, the founding vice chancellor of O.P. Jindal Global University said, “Australia and India share numerous values as vibrant democracies based on diversity, inclusivity and pluralism. International higher education plays a key role in strengthening relationships. As a global university, we strongly believe that international education is critical and boundaries on knowledge need to be broken. At JGU we have invested in a strong relationship with Australia. We collaborate with 25 out of 43 Australian universities with whom we have signed partnerships.”

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